UV Protection

"We protect our skin from UV light, why not our eyes"

One of the greatest threats to your eyesight is invisible. Exposure to invisible ultraviolet radiation can cause cataracts as well as macular degeneration. Both are common causes of vision loss and something regular eye tests can detect. Other risks to your sight from UV radiation include pterygium (tissue growth on the eye‘s surface that can block vision), corneal degenerative changes and photokeratitis (sunburn of the cornea) which like sunburn on the skin is extremely painful.

Everyone's eyes are at risk from the sun, especially children's as before a child turns 18 they'll have absorbed half of the UV rays that they'll absorb in their lifetime.

Solar radiation damage to the eye can be cumulative and exposure as a child may increase the risk of developing an ocular disorder later in life. Like your skin, your eyes never recover from damage caused by exposure to UV radiation, so just as you put on sun-tan cream to protect your skin against harmful rays, don't forget to protect your eyes with the correct eyewear and regular eye tests.

While solar rays can damage your eyes all year round, protecting them is even more important during the summer when levels of UV radiation are at their highest. As experts in vision and eye care, the fully qualified and friendly staff at Potters Bar Eye Care Center can give you free advice on how to give optimal protection to your eyes. As standard our collection of sunglasses block 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays.

We have 100s of different styles to choose from including the latest designer frames and provide shatterproof sunglasses for sport as well as for children. The vast majority of our range can be used with or without prescription lenses.

Why not bring in your sunglasses when you have your eye test and our dispensing opticians can check they are suitable for you and your eyesight. To book an eye examination call us on 0170 765 8708 or send us an email info@pottersbareyecare.co.uk.