Checklist of details your optometrist will need to know:

  • Glasses you wear and/or your last spectacle prescription.
  • Tablets or medicine you are taking.
  • The name of your doctor.
  • Information about your health.
  • Information about eye health problems in your family.
  • Can I have an NHS-funded eye examination?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you are entitled to NHS eye examinations:

  • Are you aged 60 or over?
  • Are you under 16, or under 18 and in full-time education?
  • Are you or your partner receiving income support, guarantee pension credit, income-based jobseekers allowance, or tax credits with a valid NHS tax credits exemption certificate?
  • Are you named on a valid NHS low income scheme HC2 certificate (or HC3 certificate for partial help with cost of test)?
  • Are you entitled to vouchers for complex lenses?
  • Do you have diabetes or glaucoma?
  • Are you 40 or over and have a parent or sibling with glaucoma?
  • Does an ophthalmologist say you are at risk of glaucoma?
  • Are you registered blind or partially-sighted?

Some of the above groups are also entitled to NHS help with the cost of new glasses (in the form of a voucher) give us a call on 0170 765 8708 or pop into the practice for more details.


VDU Users (Visual Display Unit)

If you use a VDU at work, by law according to EU legislation you can ask your employer to provide and pay for an eye examination. If you require glasses specifically for computer use your employer is also obliged to help with the cost of these.

See your company personnel / human resources / health and safety officer for details.

We also accept a number of corporate Eyecare Vouchers schemes. If you have a voucher please contact us to check if yours is accepted. If your company already has an eyecare plan we would be happy to discuss a more competitive and comprehensive service. If you think your company would be interested in our corporate deals please contact us for details.