Repair Services

We at Potters Bar Eye Care Center carry out minor repairs and adjustments. This service includes:-

  • Frame adjustments for facial symmetry
  • Tightening loose screws
  • Adjustments to frame sides
  • Replacement of nose pads
  • Fixing broken frames
  • Replacement of temple tips
  • Fixing displaced spectacle lenses


These are mostly done quickly and simply on the premises. For patients who have purchased our spectacles we will normally provide this service free of charge. However, there maybe a charge for replacement parts if needed. If we have to send your frames to our lab for repairs we will inform you of any charges payable. Please note that we cannot accept liability for repairing frames purchased elsewhere as with any old frame there is a possibility of breakage.

As always, prevention is better than a repair or adjustments of your spectacles so we recommend that you:-

  • Use two hands when putting on glasses and when taking them off.
  • Store glasses in a spectacle case when you are not using them.

Remember that damaged spectacles can affect your vision and may cause eyestrain.