Sports Vision

The correct eyewear will not only protect your eyes form UV or accidental damage but can also enhance your performance. Gaining the sharpest most balanced vision will improve the clarity of what you see but also reduce fatigue, improve hand eye co-ordination and accuracy giving you the sporting edge over your competitors.

Contact Lenses

Whether you’re an extreme sports enthusiast or just go running occasionally, contact lenses give you the freedom to focus on your sport. Lenses offer superior peripheral vision and everyday UV protection. Contact lenses help you to keep your eye on the ball and plan your next move. Furthermore you will notice contrasts and images don’t distort in shape or size. Available even for children, contact lenses can enhance vision and sporting performance as well as safety by seeing hazards more clearly. Contact lenses are suitable for almost all sports. Daily contact lenses can be perfect for every day wear or a cost efficient choice for wearing for sports or days out as frequently or infrequently as required.  For more information about contact lenses please  click here.


Cricket is among the most visually demanding sports and when played competitively can be an extremely fast game. Eye speed is always tested and it is essential to improve player performance by reducing eye fatigue and enhancing eye protection.

The importance of UV protection would be reason enough for any cricketer to wear sunglasses. When fielding or watching cricket your eyes are being exposed to damaging UV rays. Most people are now aware of the need for skin protection against the sun but often forget about their eyes. Even in drizzly England the UV rays do get through and aside from glare and eyestrain, prolonged exposure can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, photo keratitis as well as eye lid melanomas. Wearing the right UV protection is essential for everyday tasks but for sports such as cricket the type of lenses and frames selected can also help your performance. Prescription and non-prescription polarised lenses. Lightweight, impact resistant, non-slip frames means you should not even be aware you are wearing sunglasses.


Everyone Cycles in London... cyclists frequently experience problems with dust and flying debris, causing eye irritation and dryness.

When cycling, it is important to protect your eyes from flying stones or foreign bodies. Therefore we only recommend impact resistant lenses.

For those who want protection purely on bright days consider polarising options, as they have been specifically designed to eliminate glare and reflections of the road. Alternatively if you want something to help out in lower light conditions, where wind protection is as important as brightness, light enhancing yellow and orange lenses should be considered. If you find it impossible to choose your tint due to our continuously varying British climate climate prescription cycling glasses and sunglasses with interchangeable or variable tint lenses may be the solution. Whatever choice you go for, full UV protection is a must.

Frame choice is also important. We specialise in fitting stylish, lightweight, non-slip, adjustable, anti-fog secure fitting frames.


Angling is one of the most popular sports in the UK and worldwide.

Fishing is a sport where eyewear is essential whether the participant requires a prescription or not.  Due to the amount of reflected light from the surface of the water the amount of harmful UV light is intensified.The angler is, by nature, outdoors, and should have a good quality sunspectacles that will give the wearer protection from ultra-violet rays and also provide impact protection from any flying particles and objects, particularly fish hooks! Many Anglers know about the benefits of Polarised Lenses as by wearing a polarising lens the wearer will be able to see what the fish are doing or spot potential hazards in the water.

Polarised lenses are not only tinted - they also incorporate a special filter that only allows light that is oscillating in the same parallel direction to enter, thus eliminating reflected glare.

Polarised lenses are the lens of choice for fishing, by reducing the glare and reflections from the water surface you will see more clearly and comfortably. If you have ever struggled to tread a hook, you will be pleased to know that prescription polarised varifocals are now available. Offering the exceptional visual properties of a polarised lens you will be able to see both close up and into the distance all in one pair of glasses. Prescription lenses can also change according to the light conditions, meaning great vision, no matter what the British weather throws at you!!

If you are interested in Polarised eye protection please feel free to contact us or come instore and speak to one of our dispensing team.


No matter what your handicap, clear vision is crucial for golfing success

It is important that the glasses are comfortable as they will be being worn for a number of hours. You must also have the confidence to swing freely without the fear of them slipping down. They should give the player enhanced contrast between the different shades of green on the fairway and green. Uv protection is essential and to reduce the glare polarised lenses would be the lens of choice. Polarised lenses are now also available in varifocals.

At Stephen H Davis Optometrists we stock a wide range of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses to not only protect your eyes from UV but also give you the optical edge over your opponents.

Skiing & Snowboarding

When at high levels of altitude your are exposed to increased levels of UV and it is essential to protect the eyes from this.

We stock various sized goggles and sunglasses. These can be made to prescription so that they are able to meet performance demands for both skiers and snowboarders. If you have your own goggles bring them in and if and we will see if we can put a prescription in them for you. Goggles and sunglasses for children with various sizes are also available.

Vishal our Resident Optometrist is a very keen Snowboarder so why not get in contact so you can discuss your options. Or why not just get in contact to have a Skiing chat!!

Water Sports

Why would you sacrifice your vision when swimming?

- Prescription Swimming Goggles and Dive Masks

We can supply reasonably priced prescription swimming goggles for both adults and children so that you can see both in and outside the pool!


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