Spectacle Lens Care

High quality spectacle lenses are an investment. So once you have decided what lenses to put into your fantastic looking specs it is just as important to take care of them!

If your glasses get very dirty you can rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove any dust or grit that could scratch the lenses. Otherwise It is recommended that a specially formulated glasses cleaning solution is used when cleaning your glasses. Never use hot water, anti-bacterial or washing-up liquid as it can damage lens coatings and frames. When wiping dry lenses always use a lens cloth. Do not wipe with too much pressure as it may scratch or damage the lenses. Remember to occasionally wash the lens cloth (most good quality cloths can be washed in the washing machine) as a dirty cloth may have accumulated particles that could scratch lenses.

Incorrect spectacle cleaning can cause microscopic scratches which are initially invisible on the spectacle lenses. Gradually, the spectacle lens wears down, the potential of the even the best lenses is diminished and vision is ultimately impaired. Unfortunately, scratches cannot be removed and ultimately have to be replaced.

“When not on your face, they should always be kept in a case”

  • To avoid damages, when not being used, spectacles should always be kept in a protective case
  • If you do put them down, avoid placing the lens face down on a surface

“Avoid the heat”

  • Never leave lenses on the dashboard or anywhere in a car, as temperatures can rise exponentially
  • Do not leave your lenses in places where the temperature changes rapidly or where temperatures are over 60°C as it may alter the optical quality and/or cause cracks on the lenses.
  • Remove your glasses before going in a sauna
  • Avoid excessive heat from a blow dyer


We have a range of accessories to help clean your spectacles. So feel free to come in so that we can advise you what would be appropriate for yourself.