Children's Eye Exams

Up to 1 million children in the UK currently have an undetected vision problem. Despite 90% of children having regular dental check ups, only 7% of children aged under 5 are have their eyes tested. At least 10% and possibly as many as a third of children in England may be at risk of undetected lifelong vision problems, which can effect their education and cause permanent damage to their sight.  Most children are unaware of how clearly they should be able to see and do not complain. Some children may appear to see well but suffer with reading difficulties due to the constant strain of focusing their eyes.

Unknown to many parents, the vast majority of schools do not carry out eye screenings and therefore, it is important for your child to be tested early on. We recommend children before the age of 3 to be tested and sooner if there are signs of visual problems.


Signs for visual impairment can include: 

  • one eye turns out or eyes do not appear to work in unison
  • unable to see clearly at a particular distance
  • unable to distinguish colours 
  • appearance of a white pupil (seek medical advice immediately from GP or Optometrist)
  • unexplained headaches
  • squints or blinks often
  • complains of tired eyes

Don’t worry if your child can not read letters yet, we have many ways of checking their vision and examining their eyes without using letters or requiring them to sit still for too long! We always aim to make children's eye examinations as fun and relaxed as possible, whilst teaching them how to look after their eyes.