Hard Contact Lenses (RGP)

RGP lenses look very much like the original hard corneal lenses first fitted around seventy years ago, but that is where the similarities end. RGP materials allow oxygen to pass through the material to the cornea, and although soft lenses do this too, the best RGP lenses allow a greater flow of oxygen to the cornea than many soft lenses.

RGP lenses may give a better standard of vision than soft lenses if there is more than 0.50D of astigmatism in the prescription, and offer a less expensive alternative to soft torics, or may even attain a better standard of vision than soft torics.

Historically, there is a lower incidence of infection problems with RGP wearers compared to soft lens wearers, although these comparisons were made before the days of daily disposable soft lenses which have a fairly unblemished track record. RGP lenses are available in bifocal and multifocal forms, and as toric lenses if there are very large amounts of astigmatism.

Our main supplier of RGP lenses is No 7 Contact Lenses, but we also use Bausch & Lomb and David Thomas. If you would like more information about contact lenses of any type, please talk to us. As independent opticians we have the freedom to offer the products which we feel will most benefit the individual patients we see.

We do not use "own-brand" products. Although they would perhaps increase our profitability, they would restrict choice, and we want to use what's right for you.